From March, 2012

Janai Brugger wins Met Auditions – Zachary Woolfe’s Review

Music Review A Night of Winners and Almost Winners Metropolitan Opera Auditions Select Five Singers Jennifer Taylor for The New York Times Metropolitan Opera National Council Auditions Grand Finals This year’s winners, from left: Margaret Mezzacappa, Janai Brugger, Anthony Clark Evans, Matthew Grills and Andrey Nemzer on Sunday at the Met. By ZACHARY WOOLFE Published: March 19, 2012    Part of the fascination of singing competitions is the lovely, flawed idea that you can use them to extrapolate the current and future states of opera.        The competitions themselves feed the fire, gleefully dropping the names of past winners who became stars.…

Saturday Night at the Opera

Peter Ash’s new opera came to town this past weekend.  Here Veruca Salt (mezzo-soprano Abigail Nims) is about to be discarded for being a “bad nut” by a mob of voluptuous Turkish squirrels.