ArtsATL Review: Isabel Leonard delivers fitting finale to season of great vocalists at Spivey Hall

March 25, 2013 By Stephanie Adrian The sound of the human voice is the result of breath flowing against an individual’s vocal cords, vocal folds closing and opening at regular intervals, essentially chopping the airstream into small pulses. Remarkable when one stops to think about how that pulsing air and vibration from an instrument so [...]

Review: Soprano Mary Dunleavy vividly carries the day in Atlanta Opera’s “La Traviata”

March 9, 2013By Stephanie AdrianIf you’ve seen Steven Spielberg’s recent movie “Lincoln,” you’ve seen and heard soprano Mary Dunleavy. The singer, who makes a cameo appearance in the film while Abraham and Mary Lincoln discuss potential legislation in their box seats at the opera, graces Atlanta with her interpretation of Violetta Valéry, the female protagonist [...]