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ArtsATL Review: Atlanta Symphony and Runnicles summon pathos of Shostakovich

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Concertmaster David Coucheron played strong lines on the Shostakovich piece. (Photo courtesy Atlanta Symphony Orchestra) NOVEMBER 12, 2019 Despite the claim of composer Dmitri Shostakovich that his final symphony contained no extra-musical meaning, doubt remains. Post-glasnost realizations make it more likely that his Symphony No. 15, which premiered in 1972, encompasses programmatic significance camouflaged by a masterful composer then at the height of his creative powers. On Saturday evening, Principal Guest Conductor Donald Runnicles and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performed Shostakovich’s distilled work — riddled with musical allusions and quotations, musical monograms and codes — alongside Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, featuring… Review: The Atlanta Opera’s “Cinderella” hits — and misses — a magical touch

Dale Travis, center, as Don Magnifico, flanked by Elizabeth Sarian as Tisbe (left) and Bryn Holdsworth as Clorinda (Photos by Raftermen Photography) NOVEMBER 5, 2019 Everyone loves a good fairy tale. They’re relatable, tapping into deeply human themes like true love, heroism and justice. But there’s always an element of enchantment underlying a good fairy tale too — perhaps a magical transformation or a character in disguise. Cinderella is just one of those timeless tales. The story, adapted by Walt Disney as most of us know it, was originally penned by Charles Perrault in 1697. Yet long before Disney gave…