Lee Hoiby – “Where the Music Comes From”

American opera and song composer Lee Hoiby passed away this week.  He wrote both the music and text to a song that I have performed in recital and find very inspiring.  It’s strophic and straightforward, but profound in its song form.  You can find it on a recording called “Continual Conversation with a Silent Man.”  (baritone Peter Stewart and accompanied by the composer)
Where the Music Comes From – Lee Hoiby (1973)

I want to be where the music comes from, Where the clock stops, where it’s now.  I want to be with the friends around me,  Who have found me, who show me how.  I want to sing to the early morning,  See the sunlight melt the snow.  And oh, I want to grow.

I want to wake to the living spirit  Here inside me where it lies.  I want to listen till I can hear it,  Let it guide me, and realize  That I can go with the flow unending,  That is blending, that is real,  And oh, I want to feel. 

I want to walk in the earthly garden,  Far from cities, far from fear.  I want to talk to the growing garden,  To the devas, to the deer,  And to be one with the river flowing,  Breezes blowing, sky above,  And oh, I want love.

Published: March 29, 2011
Mr. Hoiby composed operas and songs that balance unabashed lyricism and careful craftsmanship.

// http://www.nytimes.com/2011/03/30/arts/music/lee-hoiby-opera-composer-known-for-lyricism-dies-at-85.html

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