Spoleto Festival USA Box Office Opens Today

http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/classical/reviews/emilie-opra-national-de-lyon-lyon-france-1917293.html The American counterpart to the  Festival dei Due Mondi in Italy takes place every year in Charleston, SC.  This year the opera offerings include Mozart's Die Zauberflote, Menotti's The Medium, and a newer opera by Finnish composer Kaija Saariaho called Emilie.  (Lyon 2010 review above)  Émilie Kaija Saariaho, Composer Amin Maalouf, Librettist American Premiere Venue: [...]

Lee Hoiby – “Where the Music Comes From”

American opera and song composer Lee Hoiby passed away this week.  He wrote both the music and text to a song that I have performed in recital and find very inspiring.  It's strophic and straightforward, but profound in its song form.  You can find it on a recording called "Continual Conversation with a Silent Man."  [...]

Daron Hagen’s View

Seattle Opera premiered Daron Hagen's opera Amelia in May of 2010.  Hagen is an American composer who writes not only opera and art song, but symphonies, concerti, ballets, and chamber works.  I find his words about the voice written within the liner notes of his CD "Love in a Life" incredibly sympathetic. "When a singer [...]